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 Security Breech

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PostSubject: Security Breech   Security Breech Icon_minitimeTue Aug 13, 2013 11:01 am

Sarah sat at her desk in the office back at camp, mulling over the security breech that had happened early on. Several of the vampires they were holding had escaped. One of them had been injected with the Hep V virus. That one was the least of her worries, as she is already a goner at this point. The newly made virus worked quickly. A vamper is as good as gone in a matter of hours after contracting the disease. A wicked grin crosses Sarah's lips as she pictures the vampire slowly disintegrating into a pile of vamper goo, it was a shame she couldn’t watch. She was the first of the vamper victims to have the pleasure of contracting the virus, thanks to her good ole friend, Doctor Overlark. She was quite proud of that man for whipping up one hell of a vamper killer. She enjoyed the fact that the virus would slowly kill the vamper, it could feel itself dying as the virus would engulf its body. Yes, that is just what the doctor ordered for those no good, better off dead pieces devil trash.

Sarah and Steve’s vision was a dream come true to her, she almost felt it a shame he was stuck in here among those he hated so long ago. She wondered how he had enjoyed his vision, so up close and personal. Well, that was before he had escaped with a handful of prisoners. One thing Sarah did not count on was, anything escaping. She looked around her office, throwing one hell of a temper tantrum as it sank in even more. “GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” She started tossing papers on the floor. The guards that she had sent after them better bring them back, and pronto. She had a special area reserved just for them. The whole lot of them would go into it, the moment they returned. “They will have a beautiful view of the sun, I will slowly surprise them with it. It’ll look just like, any of the other cells. With, a removable ceiling of course.”

She spoke to herself, Sarah was losing it. She ran her finger through her heavily sprayed hair before leaving her office. She locked the door behind her so no one would see her papers scattered everywhere. She would clean that up later, after a walk around Camp to comfort her. Oh how she enjoyed watching the bastards experimented on, tortured, and suffering. Just the way it should be.
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Security Breech
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