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 What Had To Be Done

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It had been quite the week for Sarah Newlin, first the security breech within the camp, and now this. She felt she had no choice in the matter with that pushy Japanese woman, snooping around where she had no business to be snooping. What, Sarah wasn’t good enough to speak to on whatever issue she had? She had to speak to a man, and not a business woman as herself. It must have just been her culture. Yeah, that’s it. Maybe she was just an old fashion girl underneath a tough shell she liked to put on. Sarah felt like the last strong woman on the face of the planet. She had officially lost her mind and snapped that night.

Her hands were shaking as she stared at the body of Ms. Suzuki of the Okanama Corporation after impaling her in the head, with the heal of her own pump. Her blood dripped from the caged floor onto the floor below, the vampires had gathered around, licking up what blood had dripped onto the floor. One of them jumped at vampire speed and agility, latching on to the top of it, feasting off her remains, her blood. She let out a shaky sigh of relief, "Thank you, Jesus! Thank you!" She praised the Lord's name for having the strength to actually kill for her cause, a cause she did so despicably in His name as a small smile creeps across her lips. She collected herself as best she could before standing, she dusted herself off nervously. Now, she had to do something with the body. She had the perfect idea. She would throw the body down to the vampires fixing it to look like she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. She goes over what she'll say to the woman that walked in on them both, "I don't know what happened to her, honey. She just, went kung fu on me for no apparent reason. I tried to explain that I was the one in charge now, and she just snapped. Maybe, she and the Governor had some sorta flame goin on?" Blaming the dead Governor for the woman's freaking out, she'd go onto explain. "I tried to chase her down and lost her in the hall way and well, she musta gotten lost and, ventured into a highly secured area some how. Ya know how smart those people are, they can hack into computers at the snap of a finger." Next thing she'd do is blame the vampires for the murder she committed, they would have a beautiful feast before they met for some sunshine and burned like they deserved. Sarah, felt like quite the smart cookie these days, “Praise His Light, thank you, Jesus!”
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What Had To Be Done
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