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 Lunch at Merlottes

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Sam Smellingsheetswhileyouregone - Merlotte It was time to get up. An alarm in the small trailer near Merlotte’s Bar and Grill began to scream that it was time for work. Obviously the clock wasn’t actually talking to him, but it sure was loud to the shifter’s ears. With a jolt, his eyes opened, staring at the blinking numbers. A hand reached over to turn the noise off, though initially failed. After a few more tries it finally shut up. A groan escaped Sam’s lips, forcing himself into a sitting position.

Rubbing his face with his hands, he tried to wake up fully. Though it failed. Instead, he got up, pulled off his boxers and jumped into the shower. Maybe that would serve better to awaken the shifter. He took his time, resting his head against the wall as the warm water fell on him. Ever since the vampires had been pulled off the streets and forced into the camp, Merlotte’s had been empty. Most people came to see vampires. That’s how they got tourism. Although, he couldn’t imagine why people wouldn’t just look for vampires in their own towns.

Now that he thought about it, shapeshifters and weres were being more cautious than usual. He hadn’t smelt a supernatural being in—Well, it had been a long while. That could’ve been another reason. It might’ve also been the fact that one of Sam’s cooks had died recently. Man, a lot of shit had gone wrong in the recent month or so. That was most likely why no one was showing up to eat at Merlotte’s. It must’ve been bad luck.

All this thinking had caused Sam to start drifting back into his dream world. He nearly slipped and busted something open, but managed to catch himself. “Shit.” He muttered under his breath, turning the water off. Stepping out, he wrapped a towel around himself and got ready to work. Jeans and a T-shirt. Simple enough. After all, he was the boss. He could wear anything he wanted. Stepping out of the trailer, he made his way into his bar.

Once inside, he nodded absently to his workers. Arlene and Lafayette were there. And then there was some other new waitress he had hired. He saw her fumbling around with something, so moved on to take care of a customer or two himself. Walking up to a blonde, he passed her a menu. His nose twitched slightly at her scent as he spoke. “’Ey there. Anythin’ I can get ya righ’ away?” He questioned. She looked familiar, though he couldn’t quite pinpoint where she was from.

Sarah HêåvènsMístrëss Newlin - After her incident with Ms. Suzuki and her plans finally working out beautifully to her favor, no trace of evidence that it was Sarah, the vampers she had planted the body on had already met the True Death, as they liked to call it. They were burnt nice and crispy as of first thing this morning when the beautiful sun rose. She smiles to a few of the guards as she passes through, making her way out of The Camp and to her car going through all the heightened security she had placed after a few had escaped. This was not the day to be dwelling on that though. She was going to be happy and thankful for something that had gone the right way for once, since she took over Governor Burrell’s project.

She decided to go for a nice little joy ride. Maybe stop in at some cute little grill place for some tasty barbecue. A few of the doctors and guards were raving about some place out in Bon Temps called Merlottes. Well, that's just where she decided to go. She arrived at her car, unlocking the door smiling all the while. She got in and started the engine. Her inspirational CD’s blared through her vehicle. She repeated the words to herself as she drove toward the highway toward Bon Temps.

Once she got off on the exit, it didn’t take her to long to come across Merlottes Bar and Grill. She pulled into the parking lot, hardly a soul was there. She didn’t see what was so great about it at that point with the lack of costumers they seemed to have. Or, maybe she was just there earlier than the regular crowd. She parked her car and got out, making her way towards the entrance. She stepped inside looking around the place, whoever owned it must of been one heck of a hunter. He had trophy heads along the wall, a gator or two. How sweet, she thought. She made her way toward a booth and waited to be served on. She saw a handsome, blondish gentleman approach her. She beamed a smile at him, happily taking the menu. “Afternoon!” Her voice chipper, “ Hmm.. She flipped through the menu deep in thought at what she wanted to treat herself to. “I’d like a diet coke to drink first of all and.. you got any special’s on this beautiful Thursday?” She look up at him with a bright smile.

Sam Smellingsheetswhileyouregone Merlotte - The owner watched as the woman took the menu from him and looked it over. He slid out a little notepad from the back of his pants to take down whatever she wanted. His pen was retrieved next. It had been quite some time since he had to take down an order. Not that the man would ever forget how to do such a thing. Not to mention, he was the boss, he could do whatever he wanted. Once he heard that she wanted a diet coke, he gave her a nod and a smile. She looked so bright and peppy. That was far from what his usual customers looked like. They usually—Well, they usually looked dead. No pun intended.

Getting a better look at her, he began to realize just who this was. Sarah Newlin. The wife of the man that once ran the Fellowship of the Sun. Well, ex-wife now. He’d caught a small glimpse of the news in his spare time. Now, she was working for that Vampire Camp. Sam didn’t exactly mind the vampires. But he sure as hell didn’t like them either. If there was anyone he wanted to keep his secret far from, it was this woman. God only knows what she would’ve said about his abilities. And the last thing he wanted was to be put under a microscope.

Specials. He’d almost forgotten his own specials for that day. Hell, he could barely remember what he even made the specials. Crossing his arms over his chest, he thought it over. What had he made it again? “Crawfish Etoufee with any sides you’d like.” He gestured toward the area with the sides. “It comes with a salad too. Specials are about five dollars. Give or take with tax.” He unwrapped his arms from his chest, ready to take down the order if she was ready. If not he’d just return. “Do ya need some time to look at the menu?” He questioned, keeping his smile on. She seemed harmless enough. And there was no need for being rude when she had done nothing to him. The vampires were not his problem. And what she did outside of the bar? That wasn’t his problem either.

Sarah HêåvènsMístrëss Newlin - She smiled at the gentleman, she wondered why he looked so confused when she asked for the specials. She just kept smiling as she waited patiently for his answer. She had been in the mood for something different than what he listed off to her, although she does enjoy tasty crawfish. It's been awhile since she's had that. She glances over the menu once more, looking over the sides he points out. "Well, far be it for me to pass up a special for five dollars. And, anything with Crawfish is mighty tasty." She taps her nails along the table as she thinks it over. "Crawfish Etoufee ya say? Ya know what, honey. I think I'll just take that with," She looks at the sides again, "some of that Cajun rice and some of those southern green beans? I'd like Italian Dressing along with the Salad. Best go light on the dressing with all the calories that go along with the Etoufee." She laughs, enjoying her own sense of humor.

She glances around discretely, noticing it’s deader than a door nail for it being so close to lunch.

Sam Smellingsheetswhileyouregone Merlotte - Sam nodded as she began listing off what she wanted. His pen scribbled on the paper as she spoke. “I’ll get that right out to ya.” He smiled back, nodding before heading over to the window that led to the kitchen. He hung up the paper, calling to his cook to get the order ready. The cook acknowledged him before asking about the customer. He’d recognized her as well. “Now don’ do nothin’ stupid.” He muttered toward the cook, not wanting the food to be ruined just because someone disliked the woman.

Once he was done setting up the note, he shifted back to the counter. Walking behind it, he poured the woman a diet coke and headed back to the table. There were very few people, so maybe she wouldn’t mind having a small chat. He was kind of curious of how the woman was when there wasn’t a camera in front of her face. Placing the glass in front of her, he moved his hands to rest in his pockets.

“You look familiar…” He began, looking at her bright smile. “You’re the woman from the television, righ’? Sarah Newlin?”

Sarah HêåvènsMístrëss Newlin - She refocused her attention back on the gentleman. He seemed so nice and polite. "Thank you!" She waited patiently for him to return with her Diet Coke. She was the only person in the place, she wished she could converse and, let people get to know who she was without being on the television. She wanted to win more people over to her side.

She looked up smiling wide as he returned with her diet coke, she immediately unwraps the straw, placing it in her drink. She listens to his question, she was so happy to hear he was a fan of hers. “I am!” Her smile growing wider, “It’s always a pleasure to meet a fan! What’s your name? I’d be happy to sign an autograph, or take a picture with ya!”

Sam Smellingsheetswhileyouregone Merlotte - Sam could not for the life of him, figure out why his bar was so slow today. It was a very uncommon occurrence. Pushing the thoughts from his mind, he returned his full attention to the television woman. He watched as she took the straw out of the wrapping and placed it into her drink. His arms once again crossed across his chest as he listened.

So she was the woman everyone was talking about lately. That was interesting. She didn’t seem like a, well, bitch. She actually appeared to be rather nice. You know, apart from having taken every vampire in Bon Temps and having put them all in a sort of concentration camp. He couldn’t help but smile as she happily offered him things like a picture or signature. The shifter waved his hand in dismissal.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you as well, Ms. Newlin.” He offered a hand for her to take and shake. “I’m Sam Merlotte. I own this little place.” He informed her. “I’m afraid I’ll have ta pass on the signature. As well as the picture. Ya don’ exactly have fans workin’ ‘round here.” He tilted his head toward the kitchen, as well as his waitress. They were not fans. Not that he was, but that was no reason to be rude. "So, what's a pretty, and famous, girl like you doin' eatin' at a place like this?"

Sarah HêåvènsMístrëss Newlin - Despite the news of hearing she had no fan base here, Sarah kept on smiling. There was no reason to let anyone here see the other side of her. Quite frankly she wanted to walk right up to those he was nodding over to and smack the living daylights out of them. Since the incident with Mr. Suzuki, she had changed for those worst. She was going to plow right through anyone who stopped her. She extended her hand in return, giving him a firm hand shake. He was mighty strong.

“Well, that's alright, and I'm sorry to hear that about the folks ya work with. Either way, you’ve got yourself a nice little place here!” She just continued to smile, despite her pissy feelings at the moment toward his employees. “Well, some of the folks I work with highly recommended it. Said it was a nice place to go, so here I am!” She giggled slightly, taking a sip from her diet coke.

Sam Smellingsheetswhileyouregone Merlotte - Once his hand was taken, he gave a shake in return. He tried not to use too much strength, but enough for anyone to understand he was not to be messed with. When his hand was released, he placed it back across his chest. He returned the warm smile, wanting her to feel welcome to his establishment. Even if his workers would rather kick her out.

“My employees are—“ He trailed off, not sure of how to put it. They certainly weren’t spiteful. They simply, disagreed with her methods. Not that he could blame them. The shapeshifter surely would not like to be treated in such a way. “Opinionated. They don’ really agree with all of your methods.” He pointed out, before pushing the subject aside. That last thing he wanted to talk about was vampires. However, one of them had been an employee of his. And a good one at that. He did wish for her to be able to return to work for him. Perhaps Sarah would be reasonable.

“Thank you. I’m glad to hear that people like this place. Usually it’s more, populated. Ya know, later.” Hearing his cook, he nodded and stepped away from the woman. “I’ll be righ’ back.” Turning on his heels, the man waltzed over to the window. Picking up the plates, he brought them over to Ms. Newlin, setting them down in front of her. “Careful. They’re hot.” He smiled, moving away. “Enjoy.” And with that he headed back to the counter to take care of some drinks and cleaning while she ate. If she wanted to chat some more, she knew where he was.

Sarah HêåvènsMístrëss Newlin - Sarah always admired a nice strong man, Sam seemed like a good ole fashioned American, the kind not to be messed with, trying to make a decent living. She nodded with understanding, "I understand, the country is divided right now and it breaks my heart. One of the reasons why I’m doin’what I’m doin’ with the vampers! Just, tryin’ to make the world a safer place, bring us all back together!” She didn’t care one bit that the others in the bar had a different outlook. It was her job to try and sway them to the truth of the situation, no matter how difficult it was.

After listening to Sam telling her the place is usually crowded at night, she kept a smile pasted on her face through the whole conversation. “Well maybe I’ll come back a bit later sometime, providin’ I have the time!” She noticed the cook ring his little bell, Sarah was famished, and was looking forward to her meal as Sam brought it back to the table. “I greatly appreciate it." She leans over the hot plate, inhaling the scent of her meal. "This smells and looks absolutely delicious! Thank you so much!” She unwrapped her silverware from the napkin, taking her fork out, and began eating her meal as he turned to do some work behind the bar. She glanced at him occasionally, admiring him. “My goodness, he is a looker.” She thought to herself.
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Lunch at Merlottes
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