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 A New Age Ahead for Two Wolves

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PostSubject: A New Age Ahead for Two Wolves   A New Age Ahead for Two Wolves Icon_minitimeThu Aug 22, 2013 4:23 pm

Rikki SheWolf Naylor - Things had been pretty quiet since the night Alcide had returned and taken control of the Pack again. She was so proud of him, though she held back on telling him that night. She had been quite surprised he had taken her hand in front of the pack after he had abjured Danielle and voiced his authority once again to the pack. They still had a ways to go to sort themselves out and it was going to take quite some time for him to trust her fully again. She was still sorting through her feelings about the death of Tiffany by her own hands, and Alcide abjuring Danielle. Two of her Pack sisters were gone. Even though she knew it had to be done, it still stung deep. She growled to herself, “Dammit, dammit!”

She makes her way through the woods thinking to herself, trying to clear her head. She was still afraid the feds were still poking around searching for Emma, who was long gone with Martha, off to who the hell knows where. It had even crossed her mind, that the humans she held hostage would want their revenge and turn her and the pack in. The thought gave her chills, and she fell back into old habits wishing she had taken care of them her damn self. She quickly shook that thought away, old habits die hard, and she does not want to be that sort of wolf anymore. She had to change or, her actions would be the death of her. She had to keep a lid on it.

She stopped for a moment, forcing herself to just enjoy the late summer breeze that blew through the air, the rustling of the leaves on the trees that would soon change with fall so near. She always enjoyed the beauty of nature that surrounded her. It was in her blood to do so, she stopped smack in the middle of the woods. The farm wasn’t far off in case she was needed. She sat against one of the near by trees just to enjoy the peace and quiet for a while. She closed her eyes, and just listened to the noises of the woods around her.

peace and quiet. She sniffed the air and cocked a brow suddenly. She smelt vampires close by. She stood from where she sat, quickly making her way back towards the farm, sprinting and running through the leaves.

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux The vamps had snuck up on the Pack like a bunch of fuckin' shadows, coming out of nowhere and taking them by surprise. It had partly been Alcide's fault, his head was still not in the game after what happened the other night. If he had been more focused, he would have smelled those fangers from a mile away.

Alcide tore out of the front door and sprinted towards the clearing where the Pack had been drinking. There were five vampers, fangs extended, hissing like banshees, bouncing around the Pack. The fuckers are herding my damn Pack, Alcide cursed himself. Out of the corner of his eye he sees Rikki running out of the woods.

“Where the fuck were you, Naylor?!” He growled as she ran up beside him and sprinted towards the pack with him. Of course, he was projecting, but he wasn’t going to give her any slack. As they neared the clearing, Alcide tore his shirt off and yanked his belt from the loops, preparing to shift. “What the fuck's with your Pack, Naylor, they’re gonna’ let themselves be picked off like sheep.”

Rikki SheWolf Naylor Rikki immediately reached the farm, she growled deeply seeing a small group of vamps herding the pack together. She met up with Alcide sprinting towards the incident along the way, she looked over at him with a growl and grits her teeth at his words. <Thinking "Where the fuck was I?"> Like this was her fuckin' fault. She brushed it off, focusing on the fucked up situation at hand.

She started removing her own clothes as swiftly as she could, tossing her shirt to the side onto the ground. The pack was doing their damndest to fight back finally. “Delayed instinct, ‘cause their fuckin’ sloshed! Quit actin’ like this is my fuckin’ fault, Herveaux!” She growled, not saying another word as she quickly shifted into her wolf form with Alcide. She attacked one of the vampires from behind her canine teeth digging into its arm. It tosses her across the ground. She yelps by the force of the throw. She quickly stands to her paws with a growl witnessing it grab her pack mate once again and draining her swiftly.

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux Alcide pounced on the fanger draining a pack mate, ripped at the back of his neck, and tearing out a huge piece of dead flesh. The vamp shrieked, falling back and away from it’s prey. As if Alcide hadn’t even scratched the damn thing, it twisted around and lunged towards Alcide, hissing. Alcide jumped to meet the vamp in the air, colliding like gladiators, and falling to the ground with Alcide on top. Alcide snarled and snapped his teeth trying to catch another hunk of flesh, but in one swift movement, the vampire pushed Alcide off and sent him sliding across the dirt.

Alcide let out a yelp as his body crashed into the siding of the barn. Pulling himself up on all fours, Alcide watched the vamp crouched to meet his stare, challenging Alcide to come at him again. This one was young, Alcide observed. The little fucker was cocky and reckless. Alcide’s eyes burned yellow and he bared his teeth, snipping at the air as a warning. Alcide lunged, lower this time hoping to slide under the vamp, and caught the vamps ankle in his jaws as it soared over. Thrashing his head back and forth, Alcide locked his jaws, tearing through the cold dead flesh with each twist of his neck.

Rikki SheWolf Naylor Rikki was just about to go after the vampire draining her pack mate when she saw Alcide attack and lay into it. She crouched growling, her eyes golden as she watched the scene unfold before her. Her teeth bared as the rest of the vampires butchered the rest of the pack. She runs at another vampire, her paws hitting the earthy ground before she leaps at it. Vampires were stronger and faster than Weres, but she was going to use every bit of strength within her to fight back.

She leaped in the air, her teeth digging into the vampires flesh. She could taste the coppery taste of its blood as it flowed into her mouth. She shook her head, ripping part of its skin off before it tosses her. She yet again, she goes flying through the air, this time being thrown into a tree. She her wolf body hitting the bark of the tree with a yelp, she was disoriented for a moment as she hit the ground. She forces herself to recover just as she picks up on a strange scent. Humans, human were close by. She barked trying to get Alcide’s attention before she saw the rest of the vampires retreat into the woods.

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux The vampire Alcide had a hold of clawed at his muzzle, taking with it fur and flesh. Recognizing Rikki’s bark, Alcide gave the vamp’s ankle one last pull, tearing it nearly off. He released the vamp’s ankle and pounces against it to push it away. He turned his head, scanning the chaos and spotted Rikki. The vamp sped off with the rest of his cohorts into the woods. Alcide galloped over to Rikki, sniffing the laceration on her back from hitting the tree, and then darting off towards the vamps through the woods. He could sense Rikki closeness behind him as he jumped over a fallen tree truck. The sound of their paws quickly lined in unison and Rikki joined him by his side at a gallop. Alcide inhaled deeply, detecting the vamp’s scent, and made a quick dart to the left.

They rounded around the lake, through the brush, gaining on the vamps with each stride. They were getting close, Alcide sensed and inhaled again.

Rikki SheWolf Naylor Rikki couldn't believe these vamps led human's straight to them as Alcide galloped over to check on her. She immediately stood, following him through the woods with a low growl through the darkness, running as fast as she could, catching up to him. She ran side by side with him, ignoring more aches and pains from the laceration on her back from the impact of the tree the vampire threw her against. It had been a rough few weeks already, and now she had to worry about humans all over again. There was no retaliating against them this time though. She chose Alcide’s way, running for their lives. She hadn’t even time to mourn the death of her pack mates.

Everything was spinning out of control, moving all so fast for her. She focused on her fleeing as she rounded the lake with Alcide. The vamps were too fast, they were now just a blur as they vamp sped away in the distance. The scent of the humans still lingered in her nose. They needed to hide, Alcide and her need to duck out of the way, outta sight somewhere before the human's caught up with them.

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux A flicker of light beamed in the distance behind Alcide and Rikki. The humans were closer than Alcide had originally anticipated. He checked behind him to make sure Rikki was close; seeing that she was, Alcide picked up speed. This was too close for comfort for him. He impulsively made the decision to leave the Pack for the humans, only making sure that Rikki was with him. Feelings of guilt and cowardice began to consume Alcide. He ran with Rikki to save his own hide and left his Pack behind. What kind of fuckin’ Packmaster are you, Alcide, you coward? Maybe his dad was right, they just weren’t pack wolves. Alcide sure as fuck proved that tonight jumpin’ ship like this.

Noticing a house in the distance ahead of them, Alcide barked at Rikki to try and point her attention towards it too. The lights were on, maybe they could hide out there, Alcide thought.

Rikki SheWolf Naylor Rikki fell behind some as it sank in deeper and deeper she had abandoned her Pack to the humans. This was very unlike Rikki, she was overcome by her own guilt as she ran. She immediately became alert by Alcide's bark. She saw the same flicker of lights in the distance and closely followed behind Alcide, suddenly getting a rush of adrenaline mixed with the Vampire blood she had accidentally consumed when she bit into one of the vampires back at the farm. Her paws hit the earthy ground as she continued to run as hard and fast as she could. She had no idea how close or far behind the humans were at this point.

When they had finally made it to the house, she immediately followed Alcide around back. She remained silent so that they would not be heard, her wolf eyes searching for somewhere to hide. She spots an opening underneath the back porch. She looks at Alcide, nodding her head over to it before leading the way underneath. She crouches down toward the ground, crawling in it as far as she could go with Alcide.

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux Alcide nodded to Rikki in agreement, trotted over to the back porch, and slunk underneath. He moved over for Rikki to sneak in with him and crouched to the ground, disappearing in darkness, but remaining ready to pounce or dart if needed. Alcide tried to calm his panting so that he could hear the humans pass. Not five minutes later he heard their boots crunching on the grass and saw their flashlights beaming light around the back yard. He looked over at Rikki and held his breath. The humans flooded the back yard with light, skimming the porch with only a moment’s worth of light. Alcide started shaking from the combination of adrenaline and vamp blood coursing through him.

One human stepped up on the porch above Alcide and Rikki. Alcide heard Rikki stop breathing as well. If they find their hiding spot, he would just attack them, Alcide decided. He would be goddamned if they got Rikki. Alcide would fight to the death to make sure the humans didn’t take her. The V was making him bold, and he was willing to risk it all if it meant saving her. The human eventually stepped down to join the others and completed clearing the parameter of the house. The beams of their flashlights slowly faded away.

Rikki SheWolf Naylor Rikki lays there in the darkness, underneath the porch trying to keep as still as she possibly could as to not draw any attention to her, or Alcide. She could feel the effects of the vampire’s blood sink in her own self, the longer she lays there. She could feel Alcide shaking beside her as the human stepped up onto the porch floor above them. She met his eyes and she didn’t breathe, she didn’t move an inch out of fear they would take her and Alcide away to be butchered and tested on. She had heard stories of what they had done to the vampires in camp. She has had nightmares of her own kind, going through these very same tests. Maybe worse, as they didn’t know they exist, until now. Everything in her wanted to growl and attack these humans. She was smart this time though, trying to stay completely out of their sight and off radar.

Relief filled her once the humans had decided to move on to hunt for the vampires, not finding a trace of her or Alcide as they were well hidden in the darkness underneath the porch. She looked back over in the direction of their flash lights, watching as they faded away into the darkness. Once they were gone, Rikki began to shake. She nuzzled into Alcide for a moment still shaking, thankful that they were spared. He was the only thing she had left, despite their differences the past weeks.

Sadness and anger filled her heart, and she began to whimper as she mourned her pack. The situation was heightened by the effects of the blood she had consumed when she bit into one of the vampire's back at the farm trying to defend her pack.

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux Alcide could feel Rikki shaking next to him. He leaned into her and nuzzled her as she began to whimper. He knew it was not easy for her to leave her Pack. It was, after all, her Pack before Alcide ever became Packmaster. Alcide sniffed the air to get an approximation on how close the humans still were. Feeling it was safe, Alcide slunk out for under the porch and waited for Rikki.

He scanned the house. The lights were on and he could hear either a TV or radio on in the background. Alcide was certain that the humans weren't going to give up. They needed shelter for the night and sneaking under a porch wasn't going to cut it.

Frank Lein Hearing movement outside my house and smelling wolf, I grab my shotgun. Opening the door quickly, I fire off a warning shot into the air.
"Show yourselves, you filthy dogs!"

Rikki SheWolf Naylor Rikki collected herself as she felt Alcide start to move away from her after he nuzzled against her. She sniffed the air for any trace of the humans as she followed Alcide's lead. She crawled out from under the porch with him. Her wolf eyes scanning the area, she eyed the little house, wondering who it belonged to.

Not smelling a trace of the human's, she looked around once more still in her wolf form before some crazy gentleman opened the door and started firing rounds off. By the smell of him, she could tell he was vampire. She jumped at the sound of the gun shot, then growled instinctively at him.

Frank Lein Sensing that the wolfs are still in the vicinity, and in trouble. I lower the gun. "Hurry inside, those humans will gravitate towards the sounds of gunfire, I won't hurt you, you have nothing to fear, just close the door behind yourselves." Stepping inside I sit back down in my chair.

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux Alcide looked over to Rikki and then up to the man with the gun before trotting inside. Alcide could smell vampire and instinctively showed his teeth. For whatever reason, Alcide sensed that he and Rikki were not in danger and quickly shifted back to human form as the door closed behind them.

Rikki SheWolf Naylor From the vampire's words Rikki ceased from growling and followed Alcide inside his home quickly as the vampire hurried them inside. Once the door was closed and she felt safe, she shifted back into her human form as well, her long, dark locks covering her breasts. She eyed him for a moment, still in shock somewhat after all that happened with the pack, leaving them the way she did.

Frank Lein As the two wolves revert to human form, I go in search of some clothes for them. Returning with a couple of large shirts and some shorts, I hand them to the newcomers. "Here, these should fit. You need to be more careful, those humans are devious and they will expose you if they can."

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux Alcide raised an eyebrow at the vamp when he returned with the clothes and let out a booming laugh. "I don't think this is gonna fit, man." Shrugging, Alcide makes an attempt at squeezing into the clothes, listening the them rip.

Rikki SheWolf Naylor Rikki took the clothes as the he came out with them, she nods. "Appreciate it." She cocked a brow over at Alcide as she got dressed putting the shorts on, then the shirt over her head. She half smiled to herself hearing him roar with laughter despite the mood she was in. She immediately let out a chuckle hearing the clothes rip. "I'd say that's a negative." Seeing the ripped clothes hanging off of Alcide's muscular body like torn up rags.

Frank Lein Hearing the clothes rip, "don't worry about those, they were five bucks at Walmart." Ushering my guests to sit down in front of the fire. "Do you want anything to eat?"

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux Remembering his manners, Alcide introduced them to their host. “I’m Alcide Herveaux and this here is Rikki Naylor.” Alcide walked around and sat in front of the fire. “Yea, man, I’m starving.” He called back to their host, taking him up on his offer. He needed to collect his thoughts. Everything had happened so quickly and he needed to speak with Rikki about their next step. He was sure the humans would annihilate the Pack, leaving Rikki and himself as lone wolves, but they couldn’t keep running forever.

Rikki SheWolf Naylor Rikki followed Alcide to the couch as the vampire ushered them to sit down. She crossed her arms as she sat back next to the fire, and nodded to the vampire while Alcide introduced them. "Yeah, guess I could go for some food. Appreciate it." Rikki tries to be respectful as she could to the vampire while she was in his home.

She never met a vampire being as hospitable as the one before her. She glanced over at Alcide, wishing she could talk to him freely about their next step. Rikki never saw herself as a lone wolf, but here she was.

Frank Lein Going into the kitchenette, I start to make some food for the two newcomers.
"Hello Rikki, Alcide. I'm Frank." Putting some soup into a pan, I hear it up and going to the fridge, I retrieve a couple of beers and a tru blood. I hand a beer to each of the wolves. "You look thirsty. The soup will be ready shortly"
Sitting down I motion for my guests to sit down on the couch, offering the remote for the TV. "You're the guest, you choose what to watch, if you want to watch anything. Why were you running, if I may ask?"

Rikki SheWolf Naylor Rikki settled in next to Alcide, trying to figure out how to explain what had happened that night. Her mind was still playing catch up about it all. She looks to Alcide in silence at first, then she speaks up to explain. "We were attacked, by a bunch of vamps, apparently they had company on their tails when they attacked. They drained our Pack...." And she and Alcide both went on to further explain in detail as their welcoming vampire host made them dinner in the kitchen across from where the sat by the fire ~End of this part of the SL~
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A New Age Ahead for Two Wolves
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