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 Doing What Needs to be Done - The Lord's Work PT. 2

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Doing What Needs to be Done - The Lord's Work PT. 2 Empty
PostSubject: Doing What Needs to be Done - The Lord's Work PT. 2   Doing What Needs to be Done - The Lord's Work PT. 2 Icon_minitimeMon Aug 26, 2013 1:50 pm

It had been a few days since her officers brought in some sort of new creature.

The evening they brought it in, they insisted it was a werewolf, Sarah was however not sure and a little confused by it. She noticed that since the thing was angry as it snarled and its eyes lit up, glowing a golden color. It reminded of her some sorta demonic flash light. She had jumped back at it at first. Unsure of it, she was afraid of its strength not knowing much about it. “Alrighty.” She crossed her arms, watching it from across the room as he awakened and wiggled, squirming with a growl against its binds. He growled out his words, his voice raised, “Fuck you crazy bible beating bitch. Better hope I don’t get outta these chains. You ain’t got no right keeping me here, I’ll be sure to give ya a fuckin’ reason now! We ain’t done a fuckin’ thing!” His neck bleeding from vampire bites. She just tilted her head at it with a lifted brow at it. “Who’s we? What are you mister and are they’re more of ya?” He quickly shut up. It made her angry. “Taze it a few times, with full power. See if that’ll get it to talk, eventually.” The guards used a long device, it looked like a metal detector. Only, once shocked with this thing, it would leave you shaking for at least a half hour from its strength. The guard used the device on the beastly gentleman. It screamed and growled, pissed off, using a few choice swear words before it was stunned unable to speak or scream at a certain point, an evil smile creeped across her lips. “That’ll teach ya to get lippy with me, now won’t it?” With a sigh, she looked at her watch. She had a meeting to go to about the security breech and how to avoid further mishaps.

She had her medical team wheel it out of the room and throw it into a higher security holding cell. “It’s interesting to say the least. When’s the next Full Moon?” The officer spoke up as they wheeled the Were past them, they made their way out of the holding cell. “In 3 days, Ms Newlin.” She nodded, “Welp, we’ll know for sure then. Just, make sure it don’t get loose. We’ve got a situation on our hands with those fuckin’ vampers that damn near caused a riot as it is, which is unacceptable!” She glared at him.

A few days later it was the Full Moon, she sat with her medical team that night behind closed glass to watch the new creature. At first she was bored and looked over at them. “Maybe, he was on sorta new type a drug? Or, the man’s possessed?” She turned her attention back to the closed in room, he was more edgier than usual. Sarah focused on the gentleman as he paced, stripped and naked.

Just then, her eyes widened. She witnessed the Were’s shift as the air swirled around him. Within seconds he was no longer a man, but a beast. “Well, I be damned. You say there were two more of ‘em that got away and the rest are dead?” She looked at one of the officers that witnessed what had happened on the farm. He nodded with a smirk, proud of himself. “Get another team on it, make sure you cover the area. Bring the rest of the dead back here. Then, search every fuckin’ house in the area to make sure no one’s hording these beasts. Soon as ya find ‘em. Bring ‘em back to camp and we’ll do further tests on them as well.” She looked at her medical team. “Torture this fella to get him to talk about any other's of his kind.” She nodded towards it. “You have my permission to cut it open to see how this thing ticks afterward.” She watched him in awe in his wolf form, he was growling with golden eyes as his wolf eyes narrowed in on the glass meeting her eyes like it could see her and the team behind the glass. It gave Sarah chills and she began to wonder. What else was out there that they didn’t know about?
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Doing What Needs to be Done - The Lord's Work PT. 2
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