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 Her Downward Spiral Continues

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Sarah had quite the busy time on her hands. Her troops were rounding vampires up left and right. She also had her trusty troupes keeping watch at the farm where the werewolves were discovered. She was just now, getting ready to go live on air to inform the world of their existence and to be safe where ever anybody may be. They were just looking into these beasts, studying them. The Were they had brought in did not survive the testing. Of course the reason may have been is they had to cut into him see how they ticked. That was right before they had taken footage of him shifting during the Full Moon night.

She was in her chair, getting her make-up and hair touched up when she had gotten the news. She heard the knock on her dressing room door. Bob stepped in with a nod, he looked bewildered and shaken up. “Ms. Newlin.” Sarah turns her chair around eyeing him. She could sense by the expression on his face that something was wrong. “Yes? Well, go on now. Spit it out.” He shuffled his feet a bit on the ground, why in the world was he acting like such a pussy? For the life of her, she couldn’t figure it out.

“The team you sent over at the farm? They were attacked by two of the creatures they lived on the farm. We have one man in intensive care. He’s in pretty serious condition. Sarah’s eyes widen, she forces a smile. “And, the two beasts?” He looked down again. “They got away. They tore the guards up something terrible before they got away. A few of the team that was close by heard the commotion but, but the time they got there. The couple had disappeared.”

Sarah could feel her anger rising even more, she snapped. “WHAT KINDA INCOMPETENT MOTHER FUCKERS ARE Y’ALL?!?! WE HAVE A SITUATION ON OUR HANDS AS IT IS! THOSE VAMPERS ESCAPING A FEW WEEKS AGO, NOW THIS?!?!?!’ She screeched throwing a temper tantrum, something she had never done in front of her men. She lowered her voice, collecting herself. Her voice was calm in a scary sense. “Do me a favor will ya? You be the one to tell the television station I have to cancel last minute do to a situation with my fuck up guards. But, do not repeat me verbatim. and I repeat do not tell them we’ve lost control of any situation. You understand me?” Bob nodded, she glared at him. “Good.” She shooed him off. “Off ya go now.” She watched with a glare as he left, closing the door behind him.

She sat back in her chair, the hair and make-up person standing in the corner. She put on a bright smile. “I do apologize for that darlin’. If you breathe a word of what you just heard? I’ll have your balls and your job in a minute flat.” She turned to check her hair and make-up, admiring herself. “You do very nice work. I’d hate to see that happen. Thank you.” She stood from her chair to handle the situation. She was at a loss of what to do now. Sarah was again, losing control of everything. She had no idea it was only the beginning of her losses.
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Her Downward Spiral Continues
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