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 A Unforgettable Full Moon

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Rikki SheWolf Naylor -It had been a few days since the attack on the Pack. Rikki's mind was still reeling through it all. She felt outta place, somewhat lost without her Pack as much of a bunch asses they had turned out to be toward the end. She had a lot of adjusting to do. Every time she turned on the news, she had expected to see some type of news feed of the old farm. Luckily they haven’t covered any of it, yet. They were still focused on the rising situation with the vampires. Sarah Newlin had been on a few times to explain the seriousness of the situation and that her, and her team will have it all under control. Baby vampires all over the area had lost their shit, they were on the lose and hungry at that. Alcide and Rikki had a few things to worry about now, she guessed. Crazy fuckin’ fangers who they had the pleasure of experiencing just a few days before, and now the human's that were after them.

For a few days now, they were hiding out in one particular vampire’s home they had come across that same night their pack were under attack. He had saved their asses that night. He seemed nice enough and his hunger seemed like it was under control. That’s not saying that they weren’t watching their back though, or at least in Rikki’s case. She didn’t allow herself to trust freely. The full moon was tonight and she felt more stir crazy than she did when they first arrived. That left Alcide and her with a dilemma. Where were they gonna shift? Those particular nights, it was uncontrollable. They couldn’t be caught out in their wolf forms in this area. They would be picked up by the feds in no time flat.

It was midafternoon and Frank was in his day rest, so Alcide and Rikki had some time to talk privately. She looked over at him as she sat on the couch, "So, what do ya suppose we should do tonight? We can’t run out here. Not with theses fuckin’ fangers and feds swarming the area."

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux  - Alcide was pacing in the vamp’s living room when Rikki came in a sat on the couch. He could sense that she was just as antsy as he was. He could hardly sit still with the full moon tonight. “So, what do ya suppose we should do tonight? We can’t run out here. Not with these fuckin’ fangers and feds swarming the area.” Rikki said. Alcide sighed and ran his hands through his hair as he paced. She was right and there would be no way to stop from shifting tonight. He stopped and looked over at her waiting for his response.

“We need to get the fuck out of Louisiana with that crazy bitch, Newlin, all over our asses.” They were stranded, though, at Frank’s without a car. Alcide started pacing again. They would need a car to get out of Louisiana in time for nightfall. Of course, there were likely plenty of wheels where the Pack was discovered. “That’s a fuckin’ suicide mission.” Alcide grumbled to himself.

Rikki SheWolf Naylor - Rikki watched closely as Alcide paced, she was trying to keep herself from losing it herself as she crossed her legs and started bouncing the foot that rested on the floor out of anxiousness, out of the closeness of the full moon. She herself couldn't sit still any longer, so she stood, pacing with him. She crossed her arms with furrowed brows.

“I agree, but, where the fuck do we go? How the fuck do we get there? You’re wearin’ rags ‘cause we can’t get out and find clothes that fits ya. We have no car, truck, fuckin’ nothing.” She growls to herself, “I fuckin’ knew this would happen, I fuckin’ knew it. We've lost everything.”

She stops pacing for a moment, looking at him curiously. “What, what’s a suicide mission?”

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux  - He looked down at his damn clothes and let out a booming laugh. Shaking his head, Alcide threw his hands up. “I can’t even argue with ya about tha’ clothes.” Momentarily pissed that he had let down his guard by laughing, Alcide cleared his throat. “Rikki, I don’t need you flippin’ the fuck out, okay?!” he snapped at her out of nowhere. She was verbalizing everything he was thinking, but her frantic response was not what he needed at the moment. They needed to be rational and quick-thinking right now. They had a very limited amount of time to get the fuck out of dodge. It was going to take a while for her to get out of her Pack-geared way of thinking.

Alcide found himself slightly frustrated that she was being melodramatic because she didn’t have the Pack as her security blanket anymore. /That/ was something Alcide would never be able to sympathize with her about. “They're gone, Rikki.” Alcide grabbed her by the shoulders and looked at her. “There’s nothin’ you can do 'bout it. Get yur' head right, damnit. It’s just us!” He released her shoulders and turned his back to her and answered her question.

“Going back for a car. Back to where the Pack was. It's suicide” His eyes searched her face for a nonverbal response. “But it’s the only way were gonna’ get the fuck outta' here before we shift.”

Rikki SheWolf Naylor -  Rikki stood there with her mouth agape as he burst out into a fit of laughter. She was actually laughing inwardly herself at the moment. His laugh was catchy, but she was just not in any mood to smile, laugh or anything on the outside right now. She stiffens as he approaches her and grabs her shoulders, her eyes met his. They were both serious now. His lone wolf mentality was something that was coming in handy for him, but she was having a hard to coming terms with it, for herself. “It’s gonna take time, Alcide. I need fuckin’ time. I grew up, with them. As fucked up as they were, they were my fuckin’ family. They were all I had, despite how shitty they started treating me in the end." She paused. "They way they treated, us.” She silenced herself at the last part of his words, “It was just us.” His words echoing in her head, a part of her wanted to throw her arms around Alcide and allow her to feel some type of comfort, like he would be her security blanket from now on. But, she decided against it and held back on her feelings, not wanting to show any weakness. He probably wanted nothing to do with her in that sense anyway, after everything that happened.

Rikki looks down as he releases her shoulders. She stiffens at the thought of going back to the farm. That place would be swarming with feds at this point. What choice do they have though? They needed some form of transportation, and that was the only place she could think to go, herself. Her eyes filled with understanding and agreement on his plan. She gave him a nonverbal response as his eyes searched hers. As freaked out about she was about it.

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux  - He knew Rikki needed time, but at this point, Alcide had no patience. He was about to jump out of skin from the full moon approaching and on fuckin’ edge about what they were about to face. Their safety depended on them getting there undetected and successfully confiscating the car—and he had to keep his mind focused and detached from the emotional bullshit. . .at least for the moment.

Nodding, Alcide immediately thought about heading home to Mississippi. He took a moment and contemplated whether or not it would be smart for them to go get the car in their human form or shift to get back to the farm quicker. Newlin likely has the farm surrounded and under surveillance. If they stayed in their human form, they might have a chance of bullshittin’ with them. He looked down at his clothes again. Goddamnit, he cursed to himself. These clothes were just going to have to work. They would be looking for wolves and if they shifted they would stick out worse than the tattered clothes Alcide donned. Alcide look at the clock above the fireplace: 1:45 p.m. It would take then a little over 3 hours to get to Jackson, so they needed to get to the farm as quickly as possible.

“We need to move fast.” He said, walking past her towards the door. “I guess we should write the fanger a note saying we left?” It was more of a statement than a question; Alcide picked up a pen, scribbled on a notepad by the telephone without waiting for a response.

Rikki SheWolf Naylor -  Rikki growled and began pacing again. "Dammit!" She grits her teeth at everything that's going on, the pull of the moon being so close, intensifying the negativity. She felt as if she were in Nazi Germany. Their freedoms limited in such a short period of time. Nothing was safe. “Fuck, fuck.” She growls and begins to pace again trying to calm her nerves the best she could.

She knew exactly what Alcide was thinking, it was written all over his face. They needed to be quick, and bull shit them with full force. Rikki was prepared for a fight though, just in case, her body vibrating from all the emotion running through her, “Quick as fuckin’ lightening.” She followed Alcide to the front door, stopping for a moment. “It’d probably be nice. He was nice enough to help us out. Tell him’ we’ll return after the Full Moon.” She took a deep breath, opening the front door as he scribbled the note. Once he finished, they both stepped out onto the front porch. She closes the door behind them before they made their way off the porch.

“Maybe one of us, should go around back to sneak inside and grab the keys. Just in case, they get fuckin’ gung ho on us.” Rikki looks up at Alcide as they make their way through the woods back to the old farm. “Unless, you wanna hot wire the car?”

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux  -They took off running through the woods towards the farm. Depending on how many humans were there, Alcide hoped they could distract them long enough to get into the house to retrieve the keys. As they approached the house, Alcide scanned the area. His truck was parked in the driveway, half way up to the house. There were two guards visible, but Alcide could smell more that they could not see. He slowed to a walk, “See if you can distract ‘em while I go look for tha keys.” He took off towards the house, looking back to Rikki briefly to see which way she was going.

Alcide crouched down as he neared the back door to the house, watching for movement. There was a guard walking in the opposite direction towards the front. Matching each of the guard’s steps, Alicde crept up to the door and looked through the window for others inside. Seeing the coast was clear, he silently slunk through the door. “Who the fuck are you?!” Alcide heard from behind and swiveled to face the barrel of a gun.

Rikki SheWolf Naylor - After coming to agreement on that being the plan, Rikki started running through the woods with Alcide. Rikki felt the adrenaline pumping through her veins as they ran as fast as they could through the woods. So, far there was no sight of anyone in the woods, creeping on them. Once they neared the farm she could smell their scent. The place was swarming with human guards. As Alcide slowed his pace, she began to slow hers as well. A few guards were visible, the others were not.

Her and Alcide’s eyes lay upon the truck, so fucking close. Without saying a word, she nodded with understanding as Alcide moved around back. She took a deep breath and walked towards the two guards that stood out front. She put on a fake smile, “Evenin’ gentleman. I’m lost, and was wondering if ya could, point me in the right direction of the main road.” She eyed her old house. “Think these folks might have a phone?” She made sure to talk over them, not allowing them to get a word in edge wise. They did however, slowly raise their guns at her, she lifted her hands to show she meant no harm, meanwhile, she wanted to rip these fuckers limp from limp and eat them for breakfast for what they’ve done. One officer spoke up. “Mam, don’t step any fucking closer. We have a few questions for you.” Rikki pretended to look confused. “’Scuse me? That’s rather kinda rude. Not like I’m some sorta fuckin’ blood thirsty fanger.”

She froze once she heard the commotion out back, someone had found Alcide. She grits her teeth, “Goddammit. COULDN”T FUCKIN’ LEAVE US ALONE, COULD YA MOTHER FUCKERS?!” She quickly jumped out of the way as one of the men took a shot at her. Like lightening though, she quickly stood, barreling toward one of the men from the side with her were agility. She grabbed one of the men and wrapped her forearm around the man’s throat, gripping him tight enough he couldn’t speak. “Back the fuck off or I’ll snap his fuckin’ NECK!” Luckily, this particular guard was related to the other, it was his brother. His voice cracked, “Please, please don’t hurt him.” She could sense the movement behind her. Before the man shot his rifle she jumped outta the way, the bullet hitting the other man’s brother right in the neck.

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux -  Reflexively, Alcide swung his hand as fast as he could towards the gun, pointing it to the left as it went off. Alcide rammed the guard backwards with his shoulder, taking hold of the gun and knocking the guard on his back. Tossing the gun around with one hand, Alcide pointed it at the guard’s face just as he heard shots towards the front of the house. Rikki! He smacked the gun across the guard’s head, knocking him unconscious and made his way towards the guard blocking the front door whose attention was focused on the commotion with Rikki.

Alcide aimed the gun towards the guard and fired a shot into his leg. Alcide jumped over the couch and kicked the fallen guard’s gun from his hand. Where are the fuckin’ keys!? Searching the room and finding nothing, Alcide barreled through the front door just in time to see Rikki dodging a bullet that nearly beheaded the guard she was holding. Firing two shots as Rikki jumped out of the way, Alcide hit the other guard and watched as his body fell to the ground.

“Get in tha fuckin’ truck!” He hollered at Rikki as two more guards rounded the corner of the house, armed with fully automatic weapons. Alcide aimlessly fired shots in their direction and took off towards Rikki to the truck. Without looking back, Alcide heard the two bodies hit the ground behind him. There are more, he realized, smelling their adrenaline.

He threw himself in the front seat of the truck, tossed the gun to Rikki, and ripped open the compartment under the steering wheel. After a few seconds, Alcide had the truck engine up and going. He stabbed it into gear and peeled off down the driveway, crashing through the wooden gate.

Rikki SheWolf Naylor - Rikki heard shots fired inside the house, she looked toward the front door. No they couldn't have gotten Alcide, panic filled her for a moment as she stood there. She had let her guard down enough for one of the men to aim their gun directly at her. She was stunned for a moment. Hoping, praying they hadn’t gotten Alcide. He was all she had left. Before the man could take his shot at her, she saw Alcide barrel out of the front door gun in hand. He pointed the gun just in the nick of time, before the guard took his shot. The man fell dead to the ground as Alcide shot him.

She swiftly did as she was told, running towards the truck. She opened the passenger door and got in, quickly closing it as Alcide jumped into the drives seat. She caught the gun as Alcide tossed it to her, she aimed it out her side of the window shooting round after round off as the guards swarmed toward them hitting a few of them dead on, killing them. She hadn’t felt relief in quite a while, but when the truck finally started and he pulled out of the farm as fast as he could. That was all she felt, with a mixture of adrenaline from everything. Rikki held the gun to her tightly, watching the side window expecting them to follow. She was hoping they had injured or killed all of them during that short period of time.

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux -  Alcide tore out down the driveway, the tires of his truck kicking up loose gravel as they sped off. “Are you okay?” He asked Rikki without taking his eyes off the road. He heard her fire off a few more shots out the window. That was too close of a call for Alcide’s liking. Had he not busted through the front door at the exact moment he had, Rikki may not be sitting next to him right now. Alcide checked the rearview mirror checking for any guards that may be following them. He was sure that there would be someone quick on their trail soon. “We may need to change cars.” He said out loud and pushed his truck to speed up.

The thought of losing Rikki ate at him as they drove out onto a main road towards the interstate. He would have nothing left if Alcide lost her. She was his Pack now, and in spite of the complicated twist their relationship had taken, Rikki was the only Were Alcide could trust—the only one he /wanted/ to trust. Alcide reached over and took Rikki’s free hand, intertwining their fingers, and took a second to glance over at her and then immediately looked back to the road.

Rikki SheWolf Naylor -  Rikki glanced over at Alcide, relieved they both made it out alive as she continued to hold onto the rifle with her right arm against her chest. Rikki learned this day how much Alcide meant to her, she turned her head back to the side window and nodded. "Good to be expected after that, but I'm pretty damn scared Alcide. That. Was a close fuckin’ call." She paused. “For both of us.” She looked down and nodded. “Where are we gonna find another vehicle?” She was afraid if they stopped, they would gain on them and find them.

As she felt Alcide take her left hand and intertwine their fingers together. She grasped his hand in return, comfort washed over her at that moment. Familiar feelings resurfaced for him as he continued to fly down the old Shreveport road, more regret filled her from her actions in the past against him. She glanced back at him, their eyes meeting for a moment before his attention returned to the road. All she wanted to do after this was over was crawl into his arms and stay there.

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux  -“That was a fuckin’ close call.” He repeated her statement and squeezed her hand. Alcide was trying to think of where they could get another car. He looked in the rearview mirror and to his amazement, no one was following. “Let’s get on I20 towards Jackson.” Saying it as if it answered her question. Maybe if they got on the interstate, they could stop into a gas station and jack another car. At the moment, though, Alcide was cautiously optimistic that their coast was clear.

Alcide wasn’t sure why he was trying to think of anything other the way he was feeling right now. He was scared as fuck about losing her and all he could do was choke out their navigation itinerary. They drove for a good twenty minutes in silence before Alcide jerked the truck off to the side of the road and slammed it into park. He faced Rikki, yanked her hand toward him and plunged his free hand into her hair, forcing her body to come across the front seat of the truck. In a fluid movement, Alcide pulled Rikki’s lips to his and kissed her passionately. The hand that had been holding hers wrapped around her waist to press her body against his. He knew they only had a few moments, but Alcide felt as if he was going to jump out of his skin if he didn’t kiss her at that very moment.

Rikki SheWolf Naylor - Rikki nodded staring off into space as he continue to drive. She nodded again, her eyes not leaving the mirror. She was pleasantly surprised they were not being followed, she gave his hand a gentle squeeze in return. "Yeah, the quicker we're outta Shreveport, the better off we'll be right now." She let out a shaky sigh as he answered her question without her saying a word. She took another glance at him at that. She quickly looked ahead at the road ahead in silence as he told her the itinerary of their plan, nodding that she understood it, agreeing with every word of his plan.

For the next twenty minutes, Rikki thought about what had happened back at the farm. When she heard the gun shot in the house, fear and sadness overwhelmed her at the thought of losing Alcide on top of everything. She looked down, holding back tears at the thought. She wasn’t one to get so emotional the way she was being right now, she couldn’t help it at this very moment though. She gripped his hand tighter that moment before he pulled the car to the side of the road. She looked around for a moment, wondering what was going on before she felt Alcide pull her towards him, it was as if he read her mind. She puts the gun down on the floor of the truck. Her body pressed up against his as their lips smash together in a passionate kiss. She wrapped her arms around him, bringing him closer to her body as she clawed at his back anxiously. She growled and moaned into the kiss as she began to ache for him the grip he had on her hair only causing her to ache for him more. She needed this right now, she needed him. She parted his lips with her tongue and swirled it around his hungrily.

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux -  In this moment, he didn’t give a fuck who was after them. Alcide needed her and the way her body was responding to his only deepened this need. He growled against her lips as her tongue touched his. Alcide’s grip in her hair tightened and his fist grabbed at her shirt as he felt her fingers claw desperately and clasp onto his arms. He nipped at her bottom lip and met her tongue again, deepening the kiss, and nearly pulling her into his lap. His hands couldn't get enough of her, roaming all over as if it were the first time they had every touched.

All his anger towards her left, if only briefly, and they were back to where they started. Fuck being Packmaster, fuck the Pack, fuck the LAVTF, fuck everything that never matter to Alcide in the first place. This is what he wanted. /She/ was what he wanted. Alcide tore his lips from her, panting, and leaned his forehead against her for a second. “Damnit, Rikki. . .” He wanted to say that he was sorry. He wanted to tell her that everything was going to be okay, but the words escaped him. They would have a long drive and Alcide was hoping his pride would step aside to let him say what he wanted and needed to say to her, once and for all.

Rikki SheWolf Naylor - Rikki forgot everything else this very moment, she was only focused on one thing, and one thing only. Alcide's touch, his roaming hands, his mouth all over hers. Her growls deepened as his grip tightened in her hair and his fist grabbed at her shirt. She wanted him to dominate her and she would freely allow him to do so, not only because she wanted it. She wanted to prove how sorry she was, she wanted to give every inch, every part of herself to him this very moment. She could feel him pull her toward him further. One leg hooked around him as she is nearly in his lap the other resting beside him.

She growled as he pulled away from the kiss, she pants, catching her breath as she rests her forehead against his. She looks him deeply in his eyes, then closes them for a moment relaxing against him, it was like she knew exactly what was going through his mind. “We, don’t have to do this Alcide. I’m, fuckin’ sorry. About everything.” She gave in that very moment, apologizing for all she’s done. Apologizing for her lost pack mates, in just a short period of time she was reminded of what was important to her, all along, since their first night together, before they took over the pack. She was falling for him, again. All the walls she had built around herself over the past weeks had crumbled that very moment at their closeness. “I just want you to forgive, please, please. Fuckin’ forgive me. I don’t wanna lose you too. Fuck sake.” Her voice cracked. “I. Can’t. Lose you too, Alcide.” She kissed him again, only softer this time.

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux -  Alcide closed his eyes as she started to apologize. She had always been stronger than him in many ways. She found the balls to say things his pride wouldn't dare let come to fruition. Perhaps that’s why they meshed so well. He put a hand on either side of her face, grazed her bottom lip with a thumb, and searched her eyes with his. “I just want you to forgive me.” She purred. It was all he could do not to breakdown. She was asking the very thing of him that he wanted so desperately to ask of her: forgiveness. For how he treated her, how he lied, how he let all the fuckin’ power go to his head.

“Rikki,” he said looking into her eyes, “I’ve forgiven you. You are not going to lose me.” With the last of her soft kisses, Alcide held her lips to his lingering and returned the kiss, parting her lips gently with the tip of his tongue. Rikki gave into the kiss, now letting Alcide take control, where before they had both been so rushed with emotions it seemed impossible to control their reaction to each other. Alcide cupped the back of her head with a strong hand and traced her jawline with the thumb of his other hand.

“Can you. . .forgive me?” Alcide asked as he pulled back; he couldn’t remember a time when he asked someone for forgiveness—or really he even cared about someone’s forgiveness. Rikki was different.

Rikki SheWolf Naylor - Rikki relaxed even more against him, comforted by his forgiveness as his lips parted hers as they kissed. She had already forgiven him for the lies. There had been so much pressure on him as Packmaster. She herself had a known a thing or two about pressure as she felt it from her pack mates as well while he had gone searching for Sam, Emma, and Nicole. She was ready to put it all behind her and start fresh with him. As heart breaking as it was for her to lose her pack, it had made her grow into a better wolf and a better person.

She kissed his hand as he trailed it along her jawline, looking into his eyes. “I would be a fool to not forgive ya, Alcide. You have my forgiveness. I wanna put all that shit behind us. The power, it got to both our heads.” She nuzzled against him more letting out a breath. She hugged him to her more, kissing his cheek, then trailed her lips back to his with a soft growl.

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux  -He nodded against her lips as they kissed again. “We need to get going.” He didn’t want to break from where they were but Alcide knew that if they delayed too much longer they might lose the lead they had on any guards back at the farm that may be following them. He kissed the top of her head as she began to move back to the passenger seat and put the truck back into drive.

“We should probably stay in Jackson for a few days just to make sure tha’ full moon is fully over. I don’t think we should risk coming back until it’s outta our systems completely. What do you think?” While that was a main reason for staying away from Louisiana for a while, Alcide wanted more time to be alone with Rikki. They had a lot of making up to do and this was just the beginning. Saying their apologies now was a good first step, but he knew they needed to talk about a game plan for when they returned. Alcide was sure that the bitch Newlin was far from ending her reign of terror and now that the Pack was discovered the two of them had a very long road ahead.

Rikki SheWolf Naylor - Rikki nodded in agreement against him. She reluctantly broke away from the kiss knowing this wasn't the time or place to go any further than what they had. They both got what they needed off their chests, which was a good start to their new beginning despite the human’s hunting for them. Once in Jackson, they would be safe and have all the time they needed to catch up and finish making their amends and setting up their game plan. "You're right, darlin'." She closed her eyes enjoying the way his lips felt on the skin of her forehead before moving back into the passenger’s seat, with a growl she turns towards back window for Sarah’s puppets.

She turned back around as Alcide put the truck back into drive. She nodded again looking at the road straight ahead, “I couldn’t agree more with that. She’s gonna be pissed and hell bent on finding us after taking down her men at the farm. Bitch is a lunatic.” She growls, the wolf within feeling strong from the closeness of the full moon, she wanted to tear Newlin to shreds for what she was doing. They hadn’t done anything to deserve this, Rikki wanted no part in this war with the fangers. And here they were, dragged into it after they were attacked by the very thing she wanted no part of. "A game plan sounds about right." She started thinking already of what they would have to do. Join forces with the Vampires? She hated that idea, she hated it with a passion. But, what else were they gonna do? She held off on bringing it up, until they were safe and sound in Jackson.

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux - Alcide sped off towards the interstate with hopes of getting to Jackson in record time. “A game plan.” He said out loud, almost to himself, trying to think of what they were going to do when the full moon was over. A huge part of Alcide wanted to just stay in Jackson until the whole damn storm with the vampires blew over. Honestly, he wasn’t sure what was stopping them from doing just that—other than maybe coming back to help the fanger that let them stay in his house.

Alcide knew that wasn’t the right thing to do, but he’d be damned if they went back without maping out each move. The vamps had seen firsthand what the humans were capable of. They hadn’t even begun to scratch the surface with other supes. “I hate to say this, but the fuckin’ vamps have better intel on that Newlin bitch.” He took a sharp turn onto the highway. “And know what she’s capable of first hand.”

Rikki SheWolf Naylor - Rikki crossed her arms over her chest as Alcide drove, thinking about the plan of joining the fangers in this war. She thought about it over and over, wishing they had some other choice. Wishing they could just hide the rest of the time, she didn’t want to risk losing Alcide. Not after all they’ve been through, all they were coming through. She glanced in his direction, it was as if her read her damn mind.

She cocked a brow as he drove, “Herveaux, you sure you’re not a mind reader or somethin’? I was thinkin’ the same damn thing.” She couldn’t help the slight grin that spread across her lips. She then looked serious. “I think you’re right, as. Fucked up of a plan it is, joinin’ fucking Vampires no doubt. We’re in the same boat as they are now. Don’t think we’ve got much of a choice in the matter.” Her eyes not leaving him for his response.

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux - Alcide let out a booming laugh. She wasn’t one to mince words. “Great Weres think alike.” He said, peeking at her from the corner of his eye to see her reaction and smiling. He tried to wipe the smile off his face and get serious. “Ta’ be honest, I don’t know what tha’ fuck kinda’ boat we’re in, Rikki. I can only imagine what tha fuck they are doin’ to those fangers.” He trailed off, “what they are gonna’ do to us.”

His attention turned to the vampire they stayed with, Frank. After the commotion died down, Alcide remembered seeing an access badge with Frank’s picture on it next to the phone. He hadn’t paid any attention to it back then, but it had been an LAVFT badge. The motherfucker had worked for Newlin and he was a goddamned fanger. “Mother.fucker.” Alcide said slowly, keeping his eyes on the road. “That Frank fucker works for Newlin.”

Rikki SheWolf Naylor - She let out a bit of a chuckle, Alcide was right. Great minds did think alike, she was happy they were on the same page for once. It proved, they would have a promising future together. Hopefully, once they handled the situation with Newlin. She remembered some of the stories she heard, running around the Supe community. “I’ve heard things, they’ve been doin’ to ‘em. It’s pure fuckin’ evil. They’ve found ways to degrade vamps if you can believe it, the worst thing’s possible for 'em.”

Her eyes widen at his words about Frank, she let out a deep guttural growl. “The fuck??? You kiddin’ me?? How the fuck, is he working for the bitch Newlin’ with him being a fanger himself?? It's no surprise he didn't call the goddamn feds on us!” She lowered her voice, realizing she was shouting. The effects of the moon becoming stronger the closer to night fall it got.

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux -“I don’t think he would’a turned us in. He seemed. . legit. I dunno’.” Alcide thought for a second. If Frank was a fanger working for Newlin, than Newlin probably didn’t know he was one. “He would have called us in when we were there. ‘Specially since they were so close to catchin’ up to us.”

“You know what they’ve been doin’? Jesus Rikki, what tha’ fuck? Why didn’t you tell me?” He wasn’t in the mood to argue but Alcide felt like this was something that should have been brought up before now.

Rikki SheWolf Naylor - She calmed herself as what he said made sense. Frank had all the time in the world where he could’ve turn them in, she let out a deep breath.

She cocked a brow at him as he got huffy with her, “I didn’t know when the hell I could’ve with all the shit going on with the pack. And.” Her voice turned into a whisper, she softly growled to herself. She didn't finish her sentence and saying what had went on between them. “I tried to find the right time, when the fuckin’ pack wasn’t around. Had I informed ya in front of everyone at the time, that Pack woulda went even more hay wire.” She looked away, avoiding his eyes. She wanted so much to tell him, shit was just too bad every time she tried to.

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux  -“Oh I dunno’, Naylor, maybe back there at tha fanger’s house.” He waved his hand backwards towards Frank’s imaginary house. “Probably a little more in depth than just in passing, like ya did. And I don’t give two fucks about what tha’ damn Pack woulda’ done. Yea, they were bat-fuckin-crazy, but they woulda’ been a little more prepared to defend themselves if they had known what tha’ fuck those humans were doin’ to the fangers!” He shook his head and sighed.

This is serious shit, Rikki, and I need to know everything you know.” Alcide bit his tongue as he knew that they really didn’t have much time before now to talk about this. He decided to cut her a little slack. “I think we should get that Frank guy’s help. Now start talkin’.”

Rikki SheWolf Naylor -“Goddammit Alcide, I tried, I said I tried to tell ya. I wasn’t exactly thinking very clear back at Franks.” She growled a bit at herself as she looked back in his direction. She started feeling responsible now for what was done to the pack. She should’ve spoken up, but she didn’t with all the troubles they were dealing with within the pack. Everything just moved so fuckin’ fast.

She looked away, then down as he asked her to go into detail of what she had heard on the streets. “They remove their fuckin’ fangs, the pull them out without numbing the pain of it. They put them in rooms to have sex with random fangers, and watch them do it basically. I hate fangers just as much as the next person, but from what I hear. It belittles them, it degrades them. They force them to do all this against their will. The person I overheard talking about this, said they do worse than that, they refused to go into it though.” She glanced at him once more. She hated describing all of that, what the humans were doing was far from right. It was evil, and Sarah was behind it, all.

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux - Alcide’s face contorted as she described what they were doin’ to the vampires. He hated just about every fanger he met, Frank aside so far, but that shit was despicable. Alcide wouldn’t wish that on anyone or anything. “That’s so fucked up. . .” is all he could manage to say. “I can only imagine what they’re gonna do to us.” What scared Alcide even more is the fact that the vamps had sympathizers. That came along with going public. The Weres didn’t have such a luxury. Remaining in the shadows kept the safe, generally speaking, but when they did get outted—which he was sure that Sarah would do—they were going to get fucked every which way.

“We have to fuckin’ kill that bitch.” He paused and looked over to Rikki. “Newlin. She’s the head of it all and we have to chop the fuckin’ head off. Frank’s gonna’ be our in. We just need to figure out how ta' get Newlin backed into a corner.”

Rikki SheWolf Naylor - Rikki growled from just the thought of what they’d do if they caught up with her and Alcide. She could imagine what they’d do to them, would be worse than what they were doing to the vampires. They had been studying vamps since they came out of the coffin, they knew what made them tick a little more than their kind. She looked down closing her eyes as she imagined it, fear, and anger coursing through her.

“They’d cut us open alive to see how we ticked, before sending her troupes out to round the rest of our kind up.” She nodded strongly in agreement, she grit her teeth her eyes glowed slightly. She wanted to tear Sarah Newlin limb from limb, eat her heart out and spit it out, onto her face preferably while she died a slow, painful death. “That sounds like the best plan yet, Alcide. Best to find them, before they do us. Least we’ll be ready for the fight that way.” She glanced over at him again, she found herself scooting closer to him, she was praying again, for the first time in a long time they’d make it out of this. She didn’t want either of them to lose their life in the process of their plan. She nuzzled into him, affectionately as he drove. She kissed the side of his mouth softly, before scooting back into her seat to allow him to focus on his driving.

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux It was settled then, Alcide thought; they would be the ones attacking next time. Motha'fuckers won't know know hit them. They sure as hell wouldn't have enough time with those of the Pack they had captured to figure too much out about them. This would give them some advantage of surprise. Alcide found himself wishing this damn full moon was fuckin' over with so they could get down to rippin' those sons of bitches from limb to fuckin' limb.

Alcide smiled and kissed the top of Rikki's head as she nuzzles into him. He was thankful as fuck to have her. She was a strong bitch and that's exactly what they needed to survive this clusterfuck. He reached over and took her hand, licking their fingers together, and kissed the top of it before resting it in his lap. "I'm all for enlisting Frank's help. How 'bout you?"

Rikki SheWolf Naylor Once Rikki settled back in her seat his kiss lingering on her forehead, she felt Alcide take her hand and intertwine their fingers together. She held onto his hand in return, giving it a gentle squeeze. She felt even stronger being with Alcide right now, she would do everything in her power to protect the both of them. Even work with a bunch of fangers.

She looks over at Alcide, her expression serious, “I’m all for it as well, darlin’. He’ll know that place, inside and out.”

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux - Alcide nodded. "I'm not a hundred percent confident in trustin' him, but he's our only lead so far." He looked in the rear view mirror. Alcide /was/ confident that Frank had his own agenda with those fuckers at camp; otherwise, why tha fuck would he risk his skin?

They were nearing the Louisiana-Mississippi border and Alcide could see the sun slowly setting. It was still fully daytime, but Alcide could feel himself getting itchy to shift. He pressed on, picking up speed, towards Jackson.

Rikki SheWolf Naylor - Rikki looks over at Alcide with a thoughtful expression, he was right. Even with working with the fangers she herself felt they couldn’t be trusted fully. It wasn’t in their nature to do so.

Rikki nodded in agreement, “We don’t have to trust him. We just, gotta work with him. Till this shit dies down. When it’s over and done with, thing’s will hopefully go back to normal. It’ll be just you and I then. After what they did to the pack, leadin’ these fuckin’ humans to us. I don’t wanna be dealin’ with ‘em, anymore after this.”

As Rikki saw they were approaching the border, she herself started feeling itchy, the closer night fall got, the stronger the magic of the Full Moon was. She closed her eyes and growled, making sure her emotions stayed in check. Something Rikki was still working on, and the Full Moon only made this feeling worse for her.

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux “I agree. We just need ta’ keep out eyes out and make sure everything is on the up with Frank. After that, I wanna lay low. . .just you and me for a while.” He looked over at Rikki and saw her eyes closed. When Alcide heard her growl, he knew that the full moon was getting to her too. He hoped like hell they would make it to Jackson before night fall. The full moon was going to take a lot out of Alcide—it always did, but he needed to make sure he kept an eye out for Rikki. Things got wild and he couldn’t afford risking either of them getting injured while they were in Were form.

“Almost there, Rik.” He said, squeezing her hand. Talk of dealing with Newlin was over for Alcide. His body was taking over with dusk nearing. He needed to focus on keeping it together for the next few days. . .as impossible as it sounded to him at the moment.

Rikki SheWolf Naylor - Rikki nodded in agreement as she laid her head back on the back of the seat to remain focused on staying calm. They were on the same page on this and she was looking forward to the day it would just be the two of them and no one else interfere with their life. No humans, no vampires, just them. She pressed her lips together as Alcide gave her hand a squeeze and tried to calm her with his words. She opened her eyes looking over at him, her look softening toward him as he drove.

"Trying so hard." She growled softly, trying to keep their focus on something that angered them both less, no mention of Newlin. She spoke of their future together, repeating his words. “We could go someplace. Far out in the sticks. No humans, no vampires. Just the woods, just nature.” She was hoping like hell they’d make it to that point, the both of them.

Once they reached the border of Mississippi, Rikki could feel herself vibrate with anticipation to shift. The sun was quickly setting over the horizon. She found herself nervous for the very first time to shift after all that had happened. She held onto Alcide's hand tight as they slowly reached their destination in Jackson.

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux - Alcide chuckled slightly, “Yea, the sticks; that sounds nice.” Alcide could tell by Rikki’s shaky voice that they were running out of time—and fast. His smile quickly disappeared as Alcide himself could feel that he was losing control—like he wanted to jump right out of his skin. He tried to keep calm, but couldn’t hold it in any longer. “Fuck!” Alcide growled and slammed the palm of his hand against the steering wheel. “Goddamnit. . .” he groaned again and squeezed his eyes shut for a second.

He sped towards a piece of remote land that his dad still owned in Jackson. It was far out enough in the woods to keep them secluded. There was a little cabin on the property that would suffice for a few days. The moment they tore up the drive way, Alcide could see the purple cusp of dusk painting the treetops. He could feel his eyes flicker a glowing gold and his chest felt as if it had an anvil pressed down on it. “Come on!” He growled at Rikki as he jumped out of the front seat.

Rikki SheWolf Naylor Rikki own chuckle slipped from her lips before she saw Alcide lose control. Once he did, she could feel herself slip up herself. She pressed her lips together a low growl escaping her lips. The sun was down, her eyes glowing as she closed them. Rikki knew neither of them wanted to admit it, but the emotion of everything added with the Full Moon made it so much harder not to lose control so early, so quickly. It intensified the negativity, and the only thing that would help is the freedom of their shift.

Rikki recognized the remote piece of land as his father’s when he pulled in. Martha had rushed her there when she had OD’ed on Vamp blood. Rikki’s eyes still glowing as Alcide stopped and parked the truck before he jumped out. She quickly followed suit not bothering with her own door but crawling over his seat to where Alcide was. She jumped out, following Alcide. She quickly stripped out of her clothes as she fell to her knees naked, her body shifting into her wolf form immediately as she could no longer hold back her shift. She lifted her head towards the sky as her eyes still glowed and let out a gut wrenching howl for all they had lost, for all they were going through currently.

Alcide ThêPâçkmåstēr Herveaux -  It was all Alcide could do not to come completely undone. He felt his insides twisting as his body began to shift involuntarily. Alcide tore off his clothes and started running towards the woods, pausing only for a moment to look back at Rikki as she howled. He watched her, admiring how beautiful she was in the lighting. Rikki was a goddamn work of art, Alcide thought as he listened to the howl cut through the night. He could hear a lifetime of emotions in her howl—for the loss she had endured and the Pack she mourned.

He waited for her, as patiently as he could, and as she joined his side they took off, shifting as they ran. Alcide let out a long, booming howl and heard the echoes of Weres in the distance as they shifted. He looked over to Rikki and slowed to a trot, letting her lead the way—for tonight anyway. The full moon was glowing behind them, the moonlight gleaming off their grey and black coats as they ran into the thick of the woods.
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A Unforgettable Full Moon
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