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 Sorry, we're closed. *contains sex*

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Sorry, we're closed.      *contains sex* Empty
PostSubject: Sorry, we're closed. *contains sex*   Sorry, we're closed.      *contains sex* Icon_minitimeThu Aug 08, 2013 6:13 pm

The doors were locked. The patrons of Fangtasia had all been ushered out by a rushed Pam and Tara, and they soon left to go and get their manicures and pedicures at the local mall. Eric was left alone in the bar, but not totally alone.
He had a guest there that he'd told to stay behind once the bar closed. She was a pretty blonde, tanned skin, from the south, dressed in a sensual classic blacl satin dress with only one shoulder covered, leaving much to the imagination. She was sitting with her lover, both human at a booth earlier on, and he noticed her looking over at him for most of the night despite being with her partner.
He would have fun with this one..

Sorry, we're closed.      *contains sex* Search?hl=en&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1366&bih=667&q=black+satin+dress&oq=black+satin+dress&gs_l=img.3..0l6j0i5l4.399.3667.0.3796.

He flicked the switch to the music and it turned into a more slower jam, other than having the techno blasting, this music set the mood rather well. The blonde approached Eric from behind, slipping off the dress from her shoulder and she smiled up at him, her hand tracing lightly along her shoulder blade in a seducing manner. "I'm Tina." she whispered closed to his lips.
A lopsided grin appeared on Eric's face as she got up close and personal for the first time tonight. He looked deep into her eyes and licked his lips "Hello Tina.." he replied softly his eyes never leaving hers. - Tina's index finger then traced down the middle of Eric's chest, and he glanced down as she did so. His fangs popped out and he didn't hesitate to lung into the curve of her neck and feed from her, as he drank some of her blood she moaned into his ear, her hand resting on his chest. He then stopped drinking and removed his fangs from her neck licking some blood from his mouth, but some still remained.
Taking hold of her hand and within a flash he had them both sitting on his throne, Tina was on top and his trousers were already off the moment they were seated. Tina's legs were wrapped around his waist as he began kissing along her neck, which he could tell she was enjoying, the way she arched her back and lifted her neck back to embrace his each and every kiss, her hands hung around his neck and caressed his skin. Eric fumbled around with the hook at the back of her dress and attempted  to unzip it, however the zip had gotten trapped between the dress so it was refusing to zip down, he then ripped it apart and let the dress glide to the floor, leaving her in only a thong and heels. "Bite me.." she whispered in ear "Fuck me hard." she continued. Eric was already hard, one trick he had mastered being a vampire, he didn't have to waste time for foreplay. Though he'd give it, the human he was with had already gotten a little wet. He could feel the warmth of her breath pulse against his skin as she mounted him, a groan escaped his lips as she began to rise up and down. She threw her head back in pure desire, Eric gripped onto her hips and guided her on top of him and they closed their lips together as Tina had her first orgasm. - "Wait.." he said against her lips, she held still looking at him and nodded, biting her lip.  - Within moments Eric had Tina on her front on the stadium by the pole, where Yvetta worked each night. He pushed her head down slowly so it was touching the surface of the stand, and grabbed hold of her waist once more, thrusting deep inside her from behind. His groans became louder as he penetrated deeper. She was a hot mess, she gripped onto the pole, her breasts rubbing against the floor of the stand. She moaned the loudest "Harder!" she yelled "Fuckin' harder you sexy vampire!" she let out a shrill shriek as Eric thrusted harder, and then she came, Eric could feel the overwhelming heat and wetness as he slipped his hardness in a few more times before releasing and pulling out.

He stepped back, wiping away some blood from his mouth onto his arm with a gasp. Tina turned around on her back and slid upwards so she was leaning her back against the pole. She gave him one of those looks, she was ruined, and thirsty. She hopped off the stand and stepped over to her clutch bag to remove a cigarette and she lit it. Eric's nostrils flared and he vamsped over to her, grabbing the cigarette and stubbing it out "No. No smoking in my bar." he said in an authoritive tone.
She stumbled over to him and touched his chest gently, caressing it batting her lashes up at him "Oh c'mon now, nothin' better than a cigarette after sex huh?" she smirked and nibbled his lip, and he immediately flinched away "No." he replied.
Eri had had enough of this human now, he'd gotten what he wanted and it was time for her to leave. He went over to his throne and gathered her thong and dress and handed it back to her "I'll get you a cab." he said and went to collect his pants and put them on, still shirtless and shoeless however. - Tina rushed over to him, clutching onto her belongings and seriously not wanting to leave just yet, she was a thrill seeker and always had a soft spot for vampires, and had totally disregarded her lover the entire evening. "B-b-ut..." she stammered "I don't wanna go just yet!"
Eric was shutting off the music whilst ordering a cab for Tina, he brushed passed her and she picked up various parts of the conversation "Yes. Industrial estate, and come now. You get here in five minutes and i'll pay you double the fare." he hung up and looked over to Tina "Put your clothes back on, your ride will be here shortly."
Tina furrowed her brows and gave him a pissed look "Fuck you then, asshole!"
Eric simply smiled at her "Just have." his smile widened mockingly "I'll pay the expense." he went into the till and removed some petty cash left from tonights income, and handed over 100 dollars, which was more than enough since she was a local girl. But Eric was generous with his money. Tina snatched money and put her dress and thong back on and strutted out of the door pissed off but highly satisfied from the sex she just had. Now she'd have to go home and explain why she was such a hot mess and why the zip of her dress was broken.
Eric chuckled and went back to his office, very pleased with himself.
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Sorry, we're closed. *contains sex*
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