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 Temptations of the Flesh ***Contains Sexual Content***

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Leila Stone
Leila Stone

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Temptations of the Flesh  ***Contains Sexual Content*** Empty
PostSubject: Temptations of the Flesh ***Contains Sexual Content***   Temptations of the Flesh  ***Contains Sexual Content*** Icon_minitimeFri Aug 09, 2013 4:02 pm

Desire. Hunger. Need. Want. Lust. Whatever you wish to call it, it was the single most delicious force that could /would/ ever exist. A driving force, pushing each person to pursue one another until they meet their ultimate goal, a tangle of flesh and writing pleasure; their moans and sounds of ecstasy intertwining in a rhythm that culminated in one true moment of frenzied bliss until finally collapsing onto one another.

It was this one pure thing that called to Leila the most over and over again. She smirked as she walked into the room, the man she had allowed to capture her earlier waiting for her. The hunger in his eyes told her that she had chosen wisely as she flirted and teased him into her web of want. He smiled up at her nearly naked form, her stiletto heels only gracing her body, as she stood before him wanting to build his need for her even more. As he began to rise from his seated position on the couch, she gently pushed his shoulders back into the cushions.

“Not yet. I’m going to make you want me first.”

The frustration was clear on his face as he opened his mouth to protest, to exclaim that he did already want her. Before a sound could emerge her lips were on his, their tongues touching and rubbing before retreating back. His large, strong hands tentatively touched the soft flesh at her hip before becoming bolder, and running over every inch of her back. Breaking their kiss, Leila pulled his hands away from her and backed away slightly. Reaching down to the buttons on his shirt she pulled the two ends of fabric away from one another, ripping the material and sending the black buttons flying across the room. Helping him from his shirt, exposing the naked skin of his chest to her, she folded her legs on either side of him and sat, delighting in the sensation of his ever growing desire pressed against her thigh. She raked her nails down his chest, causing red lines to appear on his chest almost immediately and bringing a growl from deep within his throat. This simple sound was enough to make her body quiver slightly, as she felt his need pressing against her body, begging to be freed.

Reaching down, she slowly unbuckled his belt and slid her hand down to grasp the small metal tab at the top of his zipper. With the feeling of each tooth coming apart, she closed her eyes and relished in the delicious shivers that washed over her spine, growing stronger as she inched her way closer to the bottom. Once she had reached her destination he stood up, grabbing her waist, to allow his trousers to fall and pool in a heap around his ankles. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she allowed herself to be carried into the bedroom. He sat down upon the bed as she reached down and guided him to her slick, wet entrance; stopping just as she felt the tip enter her.

“Tell me you want me.”

“Oh god, I want you.”

“Let’s not bring him into this. Tell me how much you want me.”

“Oh I want you, I /need/ you….please!” he said between ragged breaths.

That was all she needed to hear as she impaled herself fully on him. Her hips writing against him as she rose up and sank back down upon him, feeling him fill her again and again. Throwing her head back and closing her eyes, she felt herself losing control as she was wracked with wave after wave of pleasure; causing herself to throb, gripping onto him and causing him to yell out her name as he was sent over the edge. He fell backwards onto the bed as she allowed the small shockwaves to subside.

Her seductive smile was replaced by her usual smirk as she removed herself from her position on top of him and walked back into the living room, her heels clicking on the floor as she walked. Rushing into the room behind her the man stopped suddenly, a shocked look coming over his face. In a corner of the living room, her face as pale as death, stood Leila’s partner’s young wife of only two years. She had obviously been awoken from the passionate sounds of his infidelity and had come into the living room as he was carrying Leila into the guest bedroom.

Calmly dressing, Leila walked crossed the room to his wife and smiled.

“He is quite amazing but you do not satisfy him. You spend far too much time in your worship of your god and not enough attention doing all of the things that he wants to feel. This is why he came to me and now that he has had a taste, you will never be enough for him. Your faith in your god has stolen your marriage from you. What kind of god would allow that to happen?”

With her words of wisdom, she walked calmly out of the home and disappeared into the darkness.
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Temptations of the Flesh ***Contains Sexual Content***
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