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 Things To Come...

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Bethany Reese
Bethany Reese

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PostSubject: Things To Come...   Sun Aug 11, 2013 8:26 pm

Beth sighed, finding herself all alone in Bill Compton's spacious home. Well this was unexpected, she hadn't expected Bill to let her stay in his house while she figured out what was going to do. All she had expected was to warn Eric and Nora, help keep them safe as she had promised to do and then help save the vampires from the governor's camp. Then she planned to head back home to Dallas but...Was there anything back home in Dallas for her anymore? Was there really anything to keep her here in Bon Temps? Shaking her head, she headed outside to the front porch where it was still daylight, staring out at the large expanse of woods in front of her. "Now what? What is there for me?" She sighed again before freezing, reaching out blindly to cling to one of the large columns as she felt the tell tale signs of a vision coming to her. Everything went black for her and she collapsed in a heap on the porch.

Bethany saw many things all at once, she saw herself on a table, crying out from pain as a wound from her neck poured blood. An unfamiliar feminine voice spoke to her but the face of this woman was out of her view. "Stop that, you're only making this worse on yourself. I'm doing this to help you, to preserve the Seer line..." Beth screeched out again from pain as the scene faded to black and a new one appeared to her. In this new scene she saw Nora, glaring at her with a death stare. She stood over Bethany, whispering to her as her foot planted against Beth's chest. "This is all your fault...Why couldn't you leave things be?!" Beth smiled weakly up at Nora trying to ignore the pressure Nora added to her chest, tears in her eyes. "I'm...so sorry, Nora. I only wanted to stop Eric's pain..." Again the scene faded to black and she saw Sookie with a male who had formerly been held in Bill's cell, saying she was ready to accept her destiny. Then the male smiled and sank his fangs into her throat.

Finally, Bethany was torn out of her vision, panting and gasping for breath. She found herself laying on the porch face down, trembling and utterly weak from the vision. That had been one of the more intense visions she had had and as she reached a shaking hand to her nose, she cursed silently at the amount of blood she found. "D-Damn it..." Her visions were getting more intense with each one she received, the worse and the more intense the vision, the worse the reaction she had to it. Now she was completely weak, unable to move or even sit up. Bethany only hoped that no one found her like this, before she was able to get herself together...But now a new thought entered her mind. Just who was the woman from the first part of the vision? Why would that woman be concerned with keeping the Seer line going? Beth feared things weren't about to calm down in Bon Temps anytime soon. Not by a long shot with this new being about to come into play.

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Things To Come...
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